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Telcom Services:

  • Voice Procurement – With so many voice options these days, it’s no wonder businesses are turning to the experts. Because Teknalysis works with most major vendors, we can streamline the voice procurement process, helping you get the highest quality for the lowest cost. 

  • New System Design – Whether your new system uses traditional phones or the latest IP phones, we can design a telephone system to meet your needs.   

  • Maintenance & Support Programs – Every month we perform regular, scheduled maintenance on your phone system, thus preventing minor problems from turning into major interruptions to your business. Select one of our fixed-cost support plans, tailored for your needs.

  • Project Management – From making sure that activities will actually meet the specified need, to devising a workable schedule – our skilled project managers can help make your IT project run smoothly. You also get the added security of dealing with a single company to coordinate and complete your entire project.   

  • Cabling – If your phones don’t work, neither will your business. Teknalysis will help ensure that your telephone cables work so you can too. And, we keep track of where the cables are, what type and quality the cable is, and what is attached to either end. 

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