Audio/Video Services:

  • Distributed Audio/Video – Whether you need a one-room theatre or distributed A/V for an entire building, Teknalysis can assess your needs, advise you on the appropriate budget, order the equipment, install it, and help ensure that the entire installation is a complete success.

  • Cabling for Audio/Video – The quality of an audio or video circuit is only as good as its weakest link. Often that “weak link” is the quality of the cabling or wiring that’s installed. TekNalysis doesn’t skimp on quality wiring. And, we keep track of where the cables are, what type and quality the cable is, and what is attached to either end

  • Conference Room Design & Installation – We will design an integrated system for your conference room, including all the technology you need for effective meetings and presentations – overhead projectors, smart boards, video cameras, speakers, phones, network interfacing for sharing desktop computers, and more.